This is my sweetheart protector Hone (pr. oh-nay, meaning 'sand' or 'earth'). She came to me my second day here and rarely leaves my side. I've wanted for quite some time a large female canine buddy as a protector. She is a trip. She fishes, gnaws viciously on coconut husks, obeys commands, always shows a funny little smile of bottom teeth, walks like a fawn, protects me from stray dogs, lets me brush her, snorts like a piggy when she is excited, and sleeps at my feet. I met a couple from New Zealand who met her 4-5 years ago and were back to this stretch of shore one week ago. The woman was astonished and so so happy to see her again. She got down on the sand a pet her and held her for a long time. It is impossible not to love Hone. Sweet beach dog, Hone.