How Cyco Mike and the guys started wearing bandanas on their foreheads

One boring Tuesday, Mike was picking away at guitar when he looked over at me in the kitchen. He asked, with disgust and confusion in the scrunch of his face:

“What’s up with that bandana, wannabe gangster?!?”

“Shut the f#ck up!”

“What, did you cut your own bangs again and f#uck em up?”

I rolled my eyes. My look showed concentration on other topics. He pressed on:

“Lemme guess, the Aqua Net gave you piiiiimples?”

“Shut UP!”

“What, is it to cover your massive forehead?”

He stops playing guitar and laughs hysterically, so much so that he’s whooting and smacking his thighs.



One year later:

I told someone this story a few days ago and he asked: “This really happened?”

Oh yes, a legitimate fear!