Happiness is

water. Yesterday I swam twice in the ocean. I smiled, yelled, jumped, scissor kicked, dove through while my heels got smacked by waves, ducked beneath, felt the current push its fingers through my hair, and shook out any tension I was feeling. Although I was a bit sad because I was supposed to be in New Zealand engaged in the very same freeing activity, I made no comparisons.

my pop is one smart cookie

So true for me today



A safe and thrilling new path to you, May

When we first met, long before I tried to make out with you in the restroom :0

I hope you are not addicted to "crack" drinks because of me. Shut up, Nora!

Thank you for being in my life when my path was bereft of clarity and happiness. You are one of the very few people who know who I am and accept me and my non-traditional life philosophies. Thank you for the dancing, hikes, bike rides, teacher talks, life talks, and, most of all, thank you for being Asian. Hike some bad ass trails and step foot (with a life jacket) into some cold ass ocean for me. Much love to you and L and X.

P.S. I was really hoping to push your face into the mud at the Mud Run. In a loving way, of course :)

Within her first untouched thought,
the Goddess contemplates
how alive
and vital
and fulfilled
and sure
she is.

Wings once forming at her core,
sealed and rooted, release,
break through
the chrysalis.

A first intake
stark, then purified.
Pathways into her sahasrara
down ajna
emanating through
eight thousand turns.
A temple of substance and spirit.

One cycle of mind
and her torso leads
over the edge
into an amorous and safe expanse.


written 7/22/15. Inspired by Adina R. an outspoken and positive force I am stoked to have found

These flowers are SO sticky they ripped a few strands of my hair out when I bent down to photo them.